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Horse and Home is South Africas Sanctuary for the Boerperd breed of horse.

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Horse and Home came to life after a certain ten year old young lady wanted a horse for show jumping and when I went to view what was advertised as a suitable horse, I discovered fourteen very neglected and depressed horses.

I knew I had to purchase the entire herd in the hope I could eventually restore them to health and give them a better quality of life. A temporary home was quickly found so that the vets could immediately start treating them for a number of ailments.

Eventually a 50 acre plot was found at Harrison where family and friends started to erect fences and install services. This is now the permanent home of Horse  'n Home.
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We now offer full Equestrian Centre facilities that help to subsidise the running costs of the sanctuary.
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Thombi is a registered SAB (Vasvat Gretig). She is a great horse for children to ride and has a excellent nature (although some say she is slow). Her previous foal Casanova (Cassie) was 2 weeks old when we rescued them in Oct 05.
Thombi was just skin and bone when she arrived at Horse 'n Home and none of us thought she would make it. Her milk dried up. Luckily Cassie kept on sucking and with nutritious grass and concentrates, her milk supply was restored.
Her filly, Sahara, born 7 Aug 07, was an unplanned pregnancy. We really did not want her to have another foal this soon when she had been so thin with the previous one. However, both are doing well and as you can see she is in excellent condition!
Sahara loves running around and is very active! The girls have already started to train her to lead. >>> More horses

When restored to full health, many of the rescued horses earn their keep in the equestrian centre.

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