Horse 'n Home, South Africa's Boerperd Horse Sanctuary & Equestrian Centre
Horse and Home is South Africas Sanctuary for the Boerperd breed of horse.

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Most of the sanctuaries land was covered in Lantana, a shrub that some think is very pretty with its bright orange, lilac or white flowers but it is toxic for horses, so we are having to spend an immense amount of our time clearing it. Last year many family members and friends used their vacation helping in this enormous clearance project.

This ornamental shrub contains lantanin, a triterpenoid, and other compounds irritating to the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. All parts of the plant are quite toxic and poisoning may occur year-round, but is most common in summer and autumn.

After many days of hard work we have eradicated this toxic weed from vast areas of our land leaving safe grazing for the horses.