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Horse 'n Home, South Africa's Boerperd Horse Sanctuary and Equestrian Centre

Savannah is the first foal, colt, being conceived and born after they were rescued. Born 22 Nov 06. His mother is Amy (Percheron X SAB). His father Lord (SAB un-registered).

Amy is un-ridable and does not trust humans, but she is a lovely mother and Savannah is still suckling on her being 11 months old and huge!

Because Amy is such a good protective mother and does not trust humans - who can blame her - we are having a tough time taming (and weaning) Savannah.

The girls are spending a lot of time with Savannah, giving him hugs and trying to desensitise him, but they HAVE to wear their hard hats when they are around him. Accidents can happen fast and Savannah loves rearing (at the moment).

I have already told the story about Savanna. He turned ONE year on the 22 Nov 07 (Still drinking from his mom - real mommie's boy - and he is just a little shorter than her)
Monty Valentino was born on the 14th of February 2006. He joined Horse 'n Home during December 2006. He was on his way to the butcher but we went to fetch him in Bethlehem (about 450 km from us). Monty had a bad start in life. His mother was a rescue case and he had to be weaned at 4 months. When he came to Horse 'n Home the other horses chased him, although this is natural, because they are protecting their position in the herd, to us it was heartbreaking, because a year ago they were in exactly the same situation.
Monty was immediately vaccinated against flu and AHS (African Horse Sickness) and dewormed. Only now after one year of regular deworming (6 week intervals) has he started to gain weight and also enjoy playing. Monty has many conformation defaults, but all who visits us, fall in love with him.

Savanna playing with Monty.

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