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After deciding to purchase a SA-Boerperd as a first pony/horse for our 10-year-old daughter, who was wanting to do show jumping, the search was on. Numerous advertisements were viewed and considered. One stood out which led us to the "new beginning".

A viewing session was arranged and to my disbelief, I met 14 depressed and totally neglected "horses". They were covered in sores, under weight and were competing for food and water in a dry and stony environment.

The search was on to find property to house the horses before the decision could be made to purchase the complete herd. Friends offered space unconditionally near Albert Falls dam with green lush paddocks. The deal was clinched and horses were transported away from their misery. This could not have happened sooner as the condition of the horses deteriorated radically from when the viewing was made and the loading of the horses. 

Horse 'n Home, South Africa's Boerperd Horse Sanctuary and Equestrian Centre

Some of the horses were wild and did not want to interact with people. The condition and the overall expression of the horses brought tears to my eyes and the promise was made that the horses will be taken to "heaven". In this interim period the number of horses had grown to 15.

Once at the Albert Falls dam farm, the hard work started with de-worming, dipping and lots of TLC. It was touch and go for one of the mares and her two-week old foal. Her milk had dried and the foul showed definite signs of under development. The mare was given concentrates and more TLC. Today we can prove that enough feed and TLC can make a difference and both are fit and well.

During this interim stay a 50 acre plot was purchased at Harrison with no fence, no water and more than what were bargained for, Lantana. Family and friends managed to plant over 300 poles and erect 3200 meters of electric fence in record time.

The horses were transported once again. Somehow the horses knew that this new place, "
Horse 'n Home", is the final destination. Of the local people that were employed to help to clear the property and prepare for the arrival of the horses, one of the men has a long history with horses and is now full time employed as our leading groom. Employment has increased and incorporates his wife and a second groom. That is what I call, "God sent".

The daily man/horse interaction has calmed the horses to the extent that even the wild ones can be touched and groomed. The rings on their hooves, now halfway grown out, indicate the hardship times.

All the horses have improved in condition and behavior to such and extent that they now can be enjoyed to the full.