Horse 'n Home, South Africa's Boerperd Horse Sanctuary and Equestrian Centre 052-942-NPO

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Horse 'n Home Equestrian Centre

New Arena

The equestrian centre helps to subsidise the horse sanctuary.

The Boerperd breed is an excellent horse for the inexperienced rider. Their calm temperament enables learners to gain confidence and can quickly become  proficient riders.

Booking is essential in order to ensure there is adequate supervision and sufficient riding tack is

The following Equestrian Centre facilities are provided in order to subsidise the cost of running the Horse sanctuary.

Horse 'n Home, South Africa's Boerperd Horse Sanctuary and Equestrian Centre

Disabled and therapeutic lessons will commence soon, providing we have sufficient funds to pay for the specialist training required to conduct these types of lessons.

Horse riding (Outrides) in peaceful countryside R120 ph

Novice to Advance riders, we can provide horses to suit every rider proficiency level.

Pony Parties - Your place or ours R600 plus travelling cost for 2 ponies and 2 hours. We normally use Bumble Bee and Bravo. 1 small and 1 large pony, rides are then possible for all ages and sizes (even adults)

Lessons in the 22m diameter lunge ring @ R70 ph -Beginners to Intermediate.

Day camps - Drop off your child and leave in our care for the day where they will enjoy farm life surrounded by horses in order to learn more about horses and the associated day to day activities R150 pd (lunch included)

Half and full leases available

Proposed future activities: (Await arena)
Gymkhana games, More lessons, Training shows.

Community Service: For those of you who are wondering where to do your 40 hours compulsory community service, why not consider Horse 'n Home? You will be made very welcome and we are sure you'll find your time here to be both enjoyable and rewarding.

What to wear when you visit horse 'n home
If you plan to do some horse riding, long pants and sturdy shoes or boots, preferably with a heel (school shoes are ideal) are encouraged. Hard hats will be provided.

If you plan to visit and be around the horses, sturdy shoes or boots are preferred to protect your feet from the horses hooves, which can be very painful if they stand on your toes.

Horses, as with any livestock, can sometimes be unpredictable and you should always listen to what you are told by the stable staff about the horses and how you should react when around them.