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Horse and Home is South Africas Sanctuary for the Boerperd breed of horse.

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Champagne is a registered SAB (Registered name: Lekkerkry Bamboes) Do you see why her name is Champagne?
Champagne is 14 years old and I doubt if she ever had her feet or teeth done. Not because we do not care. We are desperate to give her a hug and the day anyone touches her is thrilling. What happened to her no-one knows, but she would not come to us at the beginning. Now she comes for titbits and does not avoid eye contact like before.
When the other horses were loaded into the horsebox to remove them from their misery, Champagne and her foal (Tinkabell, then a few days old) could not be caught and I had to let the others go. That weekend a friend of ours, and myself, travelled on a Friday late afternoon, with a 2 birth box for 650 km, woke up at 4 am to travel another 100km to fetch Champagne and Tinkabell. After 8 hours and on the edge of giving up, we managed to get her and the foal in a ring and into a cruch. Then we discovered she never had a halter on before and is very wild. We gave her ACP to calm her, managed to get a halter on, herd them in the box, and travelled home. We reached their temporary home close to midnight. She broke out the box, once opened. Luckily the other horses called her, and we just opened the gate to let them in.

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