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Horse and Home is South Africas Sanctuary for the Boerperd breed of horse.

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Lady Chardonnay
It is with great sadness that we have lost one of our healthy fillies during the night the night of 5 December 2007.
Lady Chardonnay (10 Nov 07 - 5 Dec 07) was a healthy filly and always playing along with the rest of the foals, but was found ice cold and stiff the morning of 6 Dec 07. No reason for death was visible, but we suspect she might have been kicked, by accident, either just in the way or just to close to another foal. When the foals have their stampedes, they kick and do all sorts of funny manoeuvres.
Although Chardonnay was not even a month old, she is missed by us all and will stay in our hearts. Her dame, Champagne, still tried to wake her the following morning and even turned her back on me (ready to kick me) when I was 30 meters away. After the incident Champagnes concentrated food, was cut to a third and she was given 1 teaspoon of Sage (the herb) per day, in order to assist her to stop producing milk.

The saddest part for me was: As you may have read elsewhere, Champagne does not trust humans, we can not hug her, and this was the saddest - we could not even give her a hug to try and confort her in her loss and pain (and our pain as well!)
It is now a month after Chardonnay's death and Champagne is fine and well! Hopefully pregnant again!

Horse 'n Home, South Africa's Boerperd Horse Sanctuary and Equestrian Centre

Mooihoek Bravo
(Born 10 December 1999) is a registered SAB from the A2 bloodline. Due to his donkey features, he is also known as Donkey.

Bravo is the horse that attracted us to the herd. You can say he is the herds hero, because if we did not go and look at him, the herd would not have been rescued from their misery.

Bravo was used as a trail horse, but he is bold and his conformation showed jumping potential. After six months of general schooling and jumping training, he entered his first show jumping competition. (KZN pony club interbranch) and did well for a green horse.

Although Bravo lives at Horse 'n Home, he is owned by Zelda and they have formed a great bond. He will do anything she asks him too.